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You can choose to have your customer's points expire after a certain period of inactivity. This means that if a customer doesn't complete any points-earning activities or redeem any rewards, they will lose their accumulated points. You can indicate a first and last reminder timeline so that they are sent notifications about the upcoming expiry and encourage them to use their points!


The below guide provides instructions for our Loyalty 2.0 experience. We are migrating customers to Loyalty 2.0 throughout the coming months. If you're unsure which version you are on now, please first navigate here.

In this guide

How To Setup Points Expiry

  • Navigate to the Earning Points page from the left navigation menu and scroll down to this section:


  1. Under Account inactivity period for points expiry, choose the number of days after which you would like points to expire
  2. Set your first reminder and last reminder 
  3. Remember to click on the Save button on the bottom right to save your settings.

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