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Welcome and thank you for starting your journey with us at Stamped Loyalty & Rewards!

In just a few steps we can assist you in creating your very own Loyalty & Rewards program for your business that allows customers to heavily engage with your brand.


The below guide provides instructions for both our Loyalty Classic and Loyalty 2.0 experience. We are migrating customers to Loyalty 2.0 throughout the coming months. If you're unsure which version you are on now, please first navigate here.

In this guide

Integrate Stamped Loyalty & Rewards with WooCommerce

Note: You need to have the latest Stamped WooCommerce plugin version above 2.1.2.

To get started with the integration:

1) Create an API key for Stamped in WooCommerce.

Go to WordPress panel => WooCommerce => Settings => Advanced => REST API tab

Click on "Add Key" button:


2) Create the API Key using these fields, click on "Generate API Key" button:

Loyalty_Woo2.pngNote: User should be an admin user and Permissions should be "Read/Write" 

3) Once the API Key is generated, you'll see the "Consumer Key" and "Consumer Secret" like this example:


Note: Copy the keys which will be used on step 6 Below

4) Go to Stamped Loyalty & Rewards Dashboard => Settings => Apps => WooCommerce:

5) Click on the "Install" button

6) Fill in the "Consumer key" and "Consumer secret" field, click on "Save"


Order Status Setup - Loyalty Classic

Defining the order status is important for the app to determine when to reward/cancel points on customers' account for order-related activity. 

  1. Go to  Settings - Points on Stamped Dashboard and you will see the below form for order settings.Loyalty_Woo5.png
  2. Fill up all the details as required.

And you're all set! 


Order Status Setup - Loyalty 2.0

Defining the order status is important for the app to determine when to reward/cancel points on customers' accounts for order-related activity. 

  1. Navigate to the Earning Points page from the main left menu and scroll down to the Order Settings section:
  2. Fill in all the details as required

And you're all set! 

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